Momentum Institute – The Think Tank of the Many

Momentum Institute challenges the social and economic status quo not just by academically sound analysis, but also by contextualizing and disseminating its scientific work through public and owned media.

Political decisions affect the lives of us all. What is publicly perceived as an urgent problem, or as a viable solution, largely depends on who can exert more influence on politics and the media.

If elites, in particular, put their interests first, the needs of the majority often remain unheard. This has led to profound social divisions that will harm us all in the long run.

Austria particularly lacks progressive voices. There is not a single think tank that promotes forward-thinking visions, while a network of countless agenda-setting institutions exists on the right and far-right.

Momentum Institute counters the economic mainstream with new, progressive perspectives through a think tank that is independent of party politics and corporate lobbies. Since 2019, the Momentum team has been deve- loping and disseminating concrete,
constructive proposals for a sustainable and equitable society.

As an economic policy think tank, the institute prepares studies and analyses in the social and economic interest of the broad majority of the population – concerning economic justice, climate protection or the labour market. Working fact-based and solution-orientated, the institute’s economists draw on their scientific expertise to develop best practice examples and policy recommendations.

Translating constructive concepts from research and political jargon into clear, understandable language and disseminating its contents across different media is a core task of Moment Magazine – the institute’s journalistic outlet.

As an independent, innovative online medium, it shows perspectives that would otherwise be neglected and talks with people, not about them. Moment tells its stories crossmedially through articles, graphs, videos or newsletters on platforms ranging from its website to Instagram and Tiktok.

Above all, Moment’s aim is to be accessible and easy to understand – to live up to the objective of being a medium of the many.
All our publications ranging from studies, analyses and policy recommendations to our journalistic output are freely accessible to all.


Momentum Institute is independent and, therefore, needs a broad base of support. It is carried by large and small donations. Diverse financing guarantees the independence and credibility of the project.The funds raised are used to support the engagement of qualified employees and daily editorial work.

Momentum Institute handles financial resources carefully. As a matter of principle, we neither accept donations from political parties, nor donations that are conditional or endanger our independence.

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